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New Novel, "Silent," Officially Under Contract

What would you do if everything that mattered to you was ripped away?

That's the question driving my most recent novel, a young adult contemporary romance called Silent, which is officially under contract for traditional publishing.

In Silent, readers meet Drew Telmon, a high school senior who has everything going her way: a college hoops scholarship, her dream boy, and great friends.

Then, overnight, a boiling fever takes her hearing, her balance, and everything in her life that she ever thought mattered.

Drew must battle depression and a claustrophobic headspace as she searches for a new meaning to her life.

Coming from somebody who's known for superheroes, creatures, and a teenaged John McClane, Silent might come as a surprise. I totally get it. It's not the type of story I usually write, but it's one I needed to tell. It's inspired by a true story, and I'll share more on that soon.

This book is emotional. It's raw. In many places, it's very, very dark. But it's also one that everyone--including myself--can learn something from.

Of course, I've never gone the traditional route with anything I've published before. There's a reason for that. I like to call the shots in as many ways as possible and want the books to be consumed just as I intended. When there wasn't a clear path to this, I decided to make my own.

But Silent is different. It's a book that's so much unlike anything I've ever written that I wanted to take a different approach. Most of my books are written because I wanted to tell the story. With Silent, I needed to tell it. It's a book that is inspired by the amazing life of a dear friend of mine and one I believe can truly impact people's lives, so I want as many eyeballs on it as possible and I know a traditional publishing route is the best way to make that happen.

I don't have any concrete release date yet, but I'll keep everybody posted as I know more.


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