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Greatness Can't Happen Alone


Just like the action-packed stories I write, the gear from SA Fishing Company is all about adventure. While the light-weight, SPF-protective gear is designed for protection against the elements while fishing, it also works in other places: courtesy of SACO, I've been wearing this gear while mowing the lawn or rockin' the arms sleeves on the basketball court or in the gym. With tons of variety in design, every time I put on SACO gear is exciting, and I'm thrilled to have them as the first partner.  Want your own gear at a special price? Just send me an email.

gI_89980_Copy of PrizePicks-logo.png

PrizePicks is daily fantasy sports, simplified. Pick over/under between 2-4 players, and if you're right, you win! Going 2/2 wins 2.5 your bet, 3/3 wins 5 times, and 4/4 wins 10 times! That means your $10 bet can turn to $100 in just a couple hours with the right picks, and it's incredibly fun to play!

Interested in joining? Go to and use code 0120421 for a FREE play, and a 25% match on your first deposit. Talk about a sweet deal!

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