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"The Warrior Within," from Pekus and Haynes, lands spot as #1 Amazon Bestseller

The Ninja Games: The Warrior Within, released on Friday, October 28th and landing as the #1 Amazon bestseller in three categories, topping charts like fantasy and magical realism.

This was the debut release for Pekus and Haynes’ fifth full-length novel release.

“It’s really cool to see such warm reception for the book,” said Pekus. “Not only is this a page-turner, but it’s a book that teaches an important message: it’s cool to be both smart and athletic.”

The release week was highlighted by a pre-launch engagement at LSU’s University Lab School in Baton Rouge, LA. All the students had the book early and had a chance to bring questions, thoughts and ideas before the official release date.

“It’s always a uniquely vulnerable place,” Haynes said. “You spend so much time writing this book and putting your personal ideas into it, and part of you wonders ‘will they like it? What if they don’t?’ Of course, you always hope for the best, but the very first reader reviews are the most nerve-racking.”

The book was very well received.

“I was told by a couple students that it was their new favorite book,” Pekus said. “And we’re already seeing a lot of demand for the sequel. It’s time to set to work on that, too.”

Other events from release week included a speaking presentation to visually-impaired students at the Louisiana School for the Deaf and Visually Impaired and an official launch at the Louisiana Book Festival.


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