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Six Metaphors for the Leader in the Digital Age

"Leaderphor (noun) | lead·​er·​phor |

Definition:  a figure of speech in which a leadership trait is told through a story; a real-world example that can be learned from and promote leadership growth."


The debut non-fiction work from Jesse Haynes not only challenges leaders and those who teach them, but it also offers suggestions for leadership skills, along with challenging group activities to take leadership to the next level. This quick read will amp up your inspiration and help take leaders to bigger, better places.


First, the leadership ideas are presented through in individual chapters.

Social Voice

Students are then challenged to take what they've learned and apply it to their lives.


Each Leaderphor comes with a game or group activity to push leadership to new heights.


Each Leaderphor includes questions to consider, which promote deep-thinking and creativity.

Ready to LEAD a new life?

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I've made 10 mistakes for every success in my life. The point of this book is to share what I have learned through experience and from mentors along the way, so that hopefully you will make half the mistakes and celebrate twice the success."

- Jesse

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