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Lance Pekus of NBC's "American Ninja Warrior" and Jesse Haynes Co-Authoring Young Adult Novel

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Lance Pekus, known as the "Cowboy Ninja" on NBC's American Ninja Warrior, and novelist Jesse Haynes will be co-authoring a young adult novel.

The book, according to Haynes, "combines the excitement of Lance's competitive background with the magic of many great magical realism series." It's the first book of a trilogy and a passion project of Pekus's.

"I've always been fascinated with the idea of telling stories," Pekus said. "After crossing paths with Jesse, we sparked a friendship and mutual interest in bringing these stories to life."

While more details about the book, including its title, will be coming at a later date, Haynes promised that it's a must-read for both fans of American Ninja Warrior and adventure-story enthusiasts alike.

Haynes explained, "One of the really cool things about this project is that it has a lot of Easter Eggs that point to the show, but by no means do you need to be a fan of ANW to appreciate the book. It's a thrill-ride that can appeal to people who've never seen the show just as much as the avid Ninja fan."

For fans who are interested in keeping up with the book and tracking a release date as it approaches, be sure to follow Lance Pekus on Instagram and other social platforms and subscribe to Haynes's newsletter on


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