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Jesse HAYnes

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author. 5-time novelist.  iTunes Top 50 Podcaster. Writer for Forbes. 

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Greyson has always felt like a nobody, despite being a decorated rock climber and standout student.

At least, until he is invited to join the NINJAs for a summer camp that changes everything he thought he knew.

Greyson isn't just learning from the NINJAs... he's protecting the world from a dark, ancient force



Being an author is amazing. Teaching students lessons that will change their lives? Even better. 

The Books
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Mission Omega is a page-turning thrill ride. Like Die Hard for teenagers, it's led by a smart, sassy and spunky protagonist who delivers just as many laugh-out-loud quips as he does insane stunts. 

- The Spork Review

2-13 Mission Omega Cover.png
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