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A signed copy of Jesse's first book. The one that started it all.


“After an astronaut becomes host to an extraterrestrial virus in space and is transported back to earth in a vegetative state, the most advanced medical minds in the United States are perplexed as their patient undergoes a dramatic transformation. When the patient awakens and begins to savagely attack everyone in the hospital, the rapid spread of the virus commences. Only five years later, humans are almost nothing more than a distant memory. Instead the virus has transformed them into creepers: mindless predators that savagely hunt and kill.


Brothers Drake and Jason Bennett as they fight for survival in their hometown of New York City while creepers seem to lurk in every alley and constantly hunt through the city streets. When news of a potential survivor colony reaches the Bennett brothers, they decide to travel across the decimated United States. The brothers face countless challenges that push them to the brink of sanity in their daily struggles while searching for the remnants of humanity and a way to beat the virus.”

Creepers (Signed Copy)

  • Softback, 206 pages.

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