Steps in the Right Direction

Greetings friends, readers, and others who happen to be reading this!

How are you doing? It has been a long time! Did you miss me? Probably not, but I can at least pretend, right? Anyway, I will tell you a little bit about what I have been up to, and it’s a happy story, let me tell you. The semester began with dark days–dark days my friends. I didn’t have any time to do anything apart from study, eat, and sleep. That was literally it! Devastating, right?

Well here is the good news! I can now study, eat, sleep, and be a human being! I actually have the time of day now to do a few things that I view as recIMG_20160201_134717-1reational, hot diggity dog. To be more specific, I am playing on a co-ed basketball team with one of the dorms on campus, Hardesty Hall. I know what you’re thinking: “Jesse, you commute. You can’t play with a dorm.” Well… turns out you’re right! The team of 12 has 10 people from the dorm and 2 stowaways, myself included, and we’re leading the charge to an intermural championship, a free shirt, and eternal glory. No, we haven’t actually played a game yet, but it’s coming. Pictured above is the “Hardesty Hall Ballers” (lame name, I know) at a team dinner.

Next point of interest: the demand for YouTube content. My number of YouTube subscribers has doubled over the past 2 months, and I love hearing from you all about what I should post next. Here is something I have heard a lot: “Jesse, at the end of Episode 8 you said you and a friend were going to look for bigfoot.” It’s coming, and soon, my friends! Rest assured that within the next month, we will find bigfoot (or at least look very hard) and document the thrilling adventure in the way of a 10 minute video. I also have a few more ideas for videos in my head, but I would love to hear from you if you have any more!

Thanks to all of you who constantly inspire me, every day. Where would I be without you?

Press on!

– Jesse Haynes



‘Tis the Season

Readers, how is everybody doing? Good? Fantastic. First and foremost, I want to give an enormous thank you to all of you, for all the support you have showed me throughout 2015. With as much end-of-the-semester crunching as I need to do (not talking about the ab exercise, although I should probably be doing that too), my bloggz-christmasing time has taken a serious hit.  But who cares! You guys deserve something to read, and since I have so many fantastic subscribers, here it is.

But first, if you haven’t already done so, check out my latest YouTube video HERE. It features both  basketball trick shots and the Grant Eastman, so it’s definitely a good time.

And as I’m sure you have probably noticed, Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is approaching. It’s that time of year where you don’t z-chirstmasknow whether you should be eating leftover turkey or hanging up
decorative lights. Still, regardless of any indecision this time of year might induce, this is a majestic time of year – probably even my favorite time of year. The NBA season is in full swing, the NFL playoffs draw near, and the fantasy football playoffs draw even nearer than that. People are inexplicably nicer to one another, seemingly compelled by an unwritten rule that Christmas season (it’s funny how one holiday has it’s own “season”) should bring joy and generosity to the world.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is the time of year that gives us a moment to pause, step back, and think about the blessings we have in life. As humans, I feel like it is natural to get absorbed in the rush of life and begin to want what we can’t have, and then even complain to ourselves and others about hochristmas_presents_wrappedw unfair life can be.  The way I see it,is if my biggest problem this week is
if I dropped my fantasy football matchup by 6 points, I’m going to be ok.

So, dear readers, I encourage you to count your blessings as Christmas season nears. This is the ultimate time of consumerism, but keep in mind that a $300 pair of shoes or the latest, smartest phone on the market shouldn’t make you any happier than spending time with friends and family this Christmas, and amongst the hustle and bustle of the end-of-year sales remember that Jesus is the reason for the season, after all.

I’m blessed with health, family, friends, and a sovereign Heavenly Father, just to name a few. What are you blessed with? I hope you get everything on your Christmas list this year, my friends, but I also hope you remember just how fortunate we all are. Maybe even consider doing something nice for someone who is less fortunate. Kindness makes the world go round.

Push forward.

– Jesse Haynes

The Freedom to Write

I hope all is well, dear readers, because this is a very special day. It was one of those days where I woke up this morning feeling blessed z - vetto be a novelist, blessed to have amazing fans like you all, and blessed to be able to pursue whatever, ridiculous, mind-numbingly outlandish idea that courses into my head and I decide to turn into a novel.

Seriously, life couldn’t be better. I have a great family. My friends are impossible to beat. God is constantly providing me with any provision I could need and giving me things I don’t deserve.  I even have  a great dog, although he’s on my list after trying to pull a fast one on me this morning (just email me if you want the whole story). I have amazing scholarships allowing me to go to a top-50 private university for an exceptional rate. My “job” is getting paid for doing what I have dreamed of doing my whole life. How insainocrazily cool is that? I am a fiction novelist – a professional liar – and I want to continue this until the day that I die. And then there are the side-jobs: The Tulsa World, substitute teaching, the eBay business. I couldn’t imagine a better life.

But the real question is this: have I done anything to deserve what I have? Have I accomplished enough that I should walk around like the world owes me? Did I earn this blessed life? Have I achieved enough to be qualified?

The answer to all of those questions, dear readers, is no. I have done NOTHING to earn any of the blessings of my life. Nada. Zilch. Zero. In fact, it has nothing to do at with what I have done, but instead everything to do with the sacrifices made by countless brave men and women. You see, today is November 11th (unless, of course, you are among that unimaginably small percent of the American population that doesn’t check my blog EVERY day of the year and you are reading this late), and that means today is Veterans Day! This is a day dedicated to the heroes of our country – the people that make what I do possible. No matter how many novel-worthy ideas I have, or how many friends I can make, or what dream university I want to attend, none of that would matter one tiny little bit if it wasn’t for the heroic men and women fighting for the freedom of this country.

So Veterans, this one’s to you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I mean it. I know that I am blessed, but more importantly, I know that I am blessed because of the daily sacrifices that each and every one of you make. You are the people who make living this life possible, and I am eternally grateful for all that you do. May God protect you as you strive to keep this country grand.

Readers, no matter what day of the year it is, if you see a veteran, please shake their hand. Give them a hug. Tell them they are appreciated. They sacrifice so much for us that we can never repay them, but we can at least show them we love them.

Thanks to all.

– Jesse Haynes

Unlikely Success

I hope all is well, my dear readers,  and hopefully all of you got the newsletter I sent out yesterday. If you didn’t, we can easily fix that. Just enter your email into the “subscribe” box and you will be added to my mailing list. Sweet deal, right?

So anyways, let me get to the blogging part of this post. Have you ever been faced with some sort of confrontation that looked like odds of success were improbably, slim, or even nonexistent?  Maybe you are facing one of those situations right now even, I don’t know. If you have ever gone up against any kind of challenge like I just described, then I’m sure you know just how enormous the mountains of a challenge can feel when you are standing at their foot.

All of that being said, today I am writing about training my dog.

That was a joke. I do that quite often (or at least attempt to, sometimes they just aren’t funny). Anyways, today I want to brag for a moment on myself and a group of my friends. Being the first year Flagof college, and the social butterfly that I am (another joke), I signed up for co-ed flag football to have something to do and maybe make some new friends. The team I joined was not the most, um, likely team to succeed, I would say. The vast majority of the teams in our league are composed of male ex-football high school players and girls that are on other university sport squads (track, softball, soccer, etc.). Our team, eh… not so much. We do have some athletes, but the amount of prior football experience is limited, at best.  Nevertheless, with a lot of practice, a lot of scheming, and a considerable amount of luck, my team is playing in the semifinals tonight – one of the last four teams standing. Although we started out 0-2 (I missed the first two games with my ankle injury, but that probably didn’t make a huge difference) we have since strung together a winning streak that we are all very proud of. Nobody believed in us but ourselfs, and from that doubt stemmed unlikely success.

What can you take from this story, readers? Let me explain, if you haven’t already figured it out. When you are facing adversity – problems that look like there is no way on God’s green earth that they can be solved – don’t give up hope. Anything is possible, take a strategic approach in attacking them. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, my friends. Work hard, pray harder, and keep pressing forward one step at a time, and then you can handle any problem thrown at you, too!

Have a good week, dear readers.

– Jesse Haynes


The First Chapter

Readers! I’m back! How are you guys/gals/extremely intellectually advanced house pets/alien lifeforms who intercept my blog ? Good? Excellent. I am good as well, but I am also insanely busy.

For those who don’t know, college has a officially started. I am enrolled as a freshman at the University of Tulsa. Great school. zzGreat professors. LOTS of work. It’s like they don’t realize I’m trying to write a book (or four), maintain a blog, send out newsletters, and film my vlogs.  (Check out my newest one HERE!) Anyways, I will post as frequently as possible, but don’t show up on my doorstep if it isn’t every two weeks exactly. Unless you want to help me write some papers, and if that is the case, come on! The more, the merrier.

All joking aside, I am really enjoying this first chapter in a whole new book of my life. My professors are all fantastic, brilliant people, and I have made a couple new friends, doubling my total. (Another joke, I can’t refrain!) All in all, I feel very blessed to be attending school here, and still managing to write this post to share with you all, dear readers.  Will I regret taking this ten minutes of my life to blog? Probably. Should I be doing something else at the moment? Definitely. But it is still worth it now because I am getting to connect with every single one of you! That makes it worthwhile.

So updates on me: Besides starting school, I recently finished Project Alpha (I love it), and I am preparing to speak at the EnclyoMedia conference in October! (Click HERE to read more) This means more speech writing and memorizing. Fun stuff.

That is pretty much all the time I have, my readers, so let me leave you with this. Your life is a library, full of books. My newest book began as I started college, and I want to make sure that I “write” something that I am going to be proud of. No matter where your life is taking you, make sure that your books are something that you would be proud to have your children, friends, or family read. Stay positive and press forward.

Until next time,

Jesse Haynes


Important News

Dear friends, fans, and random internet surfers that somehow stumbled upon my site (and in that case, welcome! Buy my book.),

Happy July!

I have been maintaining this site for six months now, through the good times, and the bad times, and the times in between those two extremes (95 % of my life). That being said, a time has arrived that I feel as if I am finally in need of a break, both mentally, and physically. The grind of senior year has exhausted everything I have in the tank.

Jesse 050eThat being said, this month I am still extremely busy, working to finish an assault of online classes, and (drum roll) working on my newest manuscript. I know I should probably take a break from the writing, but with Creepers 2 finally in production and Special floating around on the market right now, I had a new idea and felt extremely strongly that it is something I needed to write. I am having more fun with this new manuscript than I ever have had writing in a long, long time, and it is getting away from Sci-Fi and Chick Lit, and shifting more into the action and adventure genre. The cast of character is very strong, and a lot of them have been inspired by my close friends (at least parts of them).

I wanted to let you all know that I am taking a month long hiatus. This break will get my creative juices flowing, and I am going to come back in August with several awesome announcements that I can’t wait to share. On August 1st, I will be posting again (in the meantime, you can view my first three vlogs right HERE), and I have some other great things that I can’t wait to share with you all.

Thank you all for the support. From the bottom of my heart, I mean that. I don’t use empty words. If it wasn’t for people like each and every one of you, I would be nowhere near where I am today. Have a terrific July, and spread Creepers Nation!

– Jesse Haynes