Speaking Endorsements:

I love traveling and doing “author visits” at schools or at conferences. I have been blessed with many great opportunities to speak to students, teachers, and even librarians about writing, and this page is for sharing some of their feedback with you along with some pictures.


“‘Jesse recently visited Tonkawa Middle School 8th grade students, where he spoke to them about his book Creepers as well as his other books that he is working on. He shared how he comes up with his ideas, how he got published, and also shared writing tips with the students. The students really enjoyed his fun interaction with them.  In their words, he’s ‘terrific’ and ‘takes the most awesome selfies!'”

– Ms. Ross, Tonkawa Middle School


“Jesse came to Will Rogers Middle School to talk to the 8th grade students.  This was my first author visit and wasn’t sure how it would go over with the students.  It was a resounding success.  Jesse had a great rapport with the students.  He not only inspired them to write creatively, but was an example of someone who took a risk and it paid off.   Jesse also incorporated the use of books that I have in my library to encourage the students to read them.  He let them know that many of his favorite books were available to them here in their own library.  Jesse was patient as he answered good questions along with the silly or bad ones.   It was a rewarding day and would recommend him to any school.”

– Ms. McMinn, Will Rogers Middle School

book kids

“Our fourth through eight grade students were treated to an incredible visit from Jesse when he came to St. Pius X School.  They enjoyed getting to know him through his PowerPoint presentation and hearing about the inspiration for his books.  He spoke about the impact of his teachers and how the writing lessons he learned in school helped him to succeed. After personalizing and autographing books, Jesse generously agreed to eat lunch with several of our students who love to read and write. I was impressed with Jesse’s professionalism and it was a pleasure to have such a young and positive role model speak with our students!”

-Therese Iten, Librarian


“Jesse came to Leedey Public School to talk about his book and the books he is working on. He was very inspiring and shared many tips on writing. We enjoyed having him come and speak to us. We all enjoyed his entertaining interaction and his stories of how he started to write. As a senior and on behalf of Leedey High School we would recommend him to any school.”

– Allison Paulson, Leedey High School Senior


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