When I was applying for the University of Tulsa, one of the prompts regarded what I thought made me a forward-thinker. The dictionary defines forward-thinking as “planning or tending to plan for the future; forward-looking.”

This got me thinking about if I was a good forward thinker, and ways that I could improve in that area. I recently won second place in a highly competitive state art contest called the Sutton Aviary Awards with a collaButterflyge of a butterfly I made out of recycled material (playing on the whole idea of conservation, recycling, etc…). Placing second meant my work was put on display at the Nature  Works Art Show at the Renaissance hotel in Tulsa, which (I didn’t know this at the time) is the most prestigious art show in Oklahoma and one of the top fifteen in the country.

All that being said, at the art show I talked with several extremely talented artists about how they reached the point that they are at, and they all said something along these lines: they always knew what they wanted to do and they strived for it.  That got me thinking, and I have realized that in order to reach my goal of becoming a NYT Bestseller, I have to continue my writing and marketing my platform. I know it seems like a long shot from the outside, but I believe I can do it and that means anything is possible. Being a forward thinker is very closely related to success, and I have taken it upon myself to become more of one, because I think that is what it will take to succeed.

Now I turn this on you, dear readers. Becoming a forward thinker is one of my new personal goals, and I encourage you to try to do the same. If you don’t already do it, start setting up short term and long term goals for yourself. They can be as simple as taking out the trash to something way out there like becoming a millionaire. Goals will give you something to strive for, and having something to strive for will make you a more productive person,

As always, feel free to comment on this post. Thank you for the support.

– Jesse Haynes


Plans for Change.


Dear readers, member, and strangers who happen to stumble upon this site:

It’s been a great first couple weeks with my website, and I am very thankful for all of the support I have seen and the members that have signed up for my newsletter! If you have friends, make sure that you refer them to my site. If you don’t have friends, this is an invitation for you to go out into the world, be friendly, greet strangers with a smile and a handshake, make friends, and then refer them to my website. With every new member on this sight, we are spreading #creepersnation.

Next point of interest: my new icons. If you haven’t noticed, I now have six convenient social media icons on this page. (If you are on your phone, they are below. On a desktop, they are to the left.) If you don’t already do so, follow me on those sights. I am new to LinkedIn and YouTube, so I need followers/subscribers! Speaking of YouTube, I have a plan that is in the works: I want to start a video blog. What do you guys think? (There is a comment section below.) I was thinking about making a monthly post with updates, ten minutes at the longest. Good idea or wasted time? I’m not sure yet, but I’m willing to do anything to help reach more people! The videos would ideally be funny/entertaining, but that might be a struggle because I’m not an overly funny person, so we’ll have to see what I come up with.

Additionally, my book is on! I’d appreciate positive feedback if you don’t mind. Registration is SUPER easy, so if you are feeling like being my new best friend, just go and check it out here.

Lastly, I hate snow. I just wanted to get that out there. I know that ideally, being a student, I should root for all forms of frozen precipitation and hope that school is canceled, but over the past two weeks I have had several plans changed by snow, and the I had to reschedule to make them up. I don’t know what good  ranting about it is on my blog, but I’m just sharing my pain with my loyal fans. One thing I’ve learned from it though, is how important it is to be flexible. Don’t get set in your ways to the point that there is only one  right way for something to happen. Be able to adjust easily, and that will save you a lot of stress if for some reason your plans change. So there’s your words of wisdom for the day.

I am not sure what I want to do with this blog. I am thinking a bimonthly post (maybe the first and fifteenth of each month, starting March 15th) to go along with my weekly newsletter (make sure you subscribe!), but I am not certain. I think that I can use the blog to offer “inspirational” writing advice and use the updates, for, well, updates. Still that’s all left TBD. What would you guys like to see? I’d love to hear your ideas! Comment or e-mail me!

Thanks for being an amazing audience. I appreciate the loyalty. Have a great week, my friends, and don’t forget to stay tuned in for updates. Thanks again!

– Jesse Haynes

Welcome to the New Era of Jesse Haynes

creepers-1rDear Loyal Fans (or anyone who happened to stumble upon this site by happy accident),

This is big! Welcome to my new website, I am super excited to be announcing this new site because I think that it will serve as a great way to create a platform that links all my other sites together. My goal for this website is to create one go-to page if you are seeking any information about Jesse Haynes (talking about myself in third person is strange, but eh…). Juggling my time between updating Twitter, the ‘gram, my Facebook page, and my emails was becoming such a hassle that I knew something needed to change. Now I’m definitely still technologically challenged so the early days of this site might be a tad bit rocky, but hang in there because this could be great in the long run.

Just in cased you don’t know, here’s my life in a nutshell: …Born in the panhandle of Oklahoma, I moved to the town of Skiatook early in life, and throughout my schooling I developed a love for writing. Now I’m eighteen years old, and the author of numerous novel manuscripts, and one published book. It’s called Creepers (conveniently pictured to the left) and available in print or e-book format. Although it is on several different book sites, the best price online is probably on But back to my life, I am a senior in high school and I’m class president, an athlete, and fortunate enough to get to travel to other schools and talk to students about writing. Being lazy to me is the most boring thing on earth, so I’m always doing something. I live with my parents and have no siblings, but I have four cats and a lovely dog that are pretty close.

Another goal for this site it for me to create a good email contact list of people interested in following updates on Creepers, the sequel, or any of my other new writing endeavors. As soon as I figure out how to create a subscription list (hopefully soon), I’d be flattered if you’d sign up and follow this blog page. I’ll keep more information on that coming as it develops, so don’t worry – I’m not gonna let you miss anything! Please feel free to explore the site, and if you would like to offer suggestions regarding ways I could improve it, please feel free. Thank you for the support.


– Jesse Haynes