Teacher’s Lab

Welcome to Jesse Haynes: Teachers! This page is devoted solely to helping connect readers to my book, the characters, the places they explore, and myself personally, as an author. This page is perfect for teachers with class sets, as it will explore not only the “zombie” story of Creepers, but also the deeper meanings within the book. This is the best educational interface to compliment the book, and hopefully you will find it very informative, useful, and most importantly, FUN! That’s what this is all about anyway, right? Below are the components of the Creepers Curriculum. Everything is free, so feel free to explore and use it as you will.

Comprehension Quiz – A set of Quizlet Flashcards designed to test student’s comprehension of the books. Good review for test.

Comprehension Test –  A PDF of a test that can be printed, reproduced, and given to students as a final test for comprehension. Contains multiple choice and short answer, 25 questions.

Figurative Language in Creepers” – A PDF worksheet that looks at figurative language from Creepers, and encourages students to find more.

Character Wiki: An open-source Wikia. It is basic for now, but I would love you guys to help with it! It is super easy to customize, so be sure to add information to your favorite characters page! Email me if you need any help!

Mapping the Journey: An interactive map powered by Google Maps to highlight the journey the brothers take throughout the book Great lab for students, or even just a  visual. Be sure to explore both Michaela’s journey and the brother’s journey (note that Michaela’s took longer than theirs since she was on foot), and be sure to click on the waypoints for an explanation of the part they play in the story.

Word Clouds Lab: A lab ideal for students in a media class. This lab uses Voyant software, which looks at the frequency and placement of word usage while creating a word cloud. First have students open Voyant HERE, then supply them with this PDF Worksheet. Teachers, please email me for an answer sheet if you would like one.

Meet Jesse: Explore Jesse’s YouTube channel to learn all about the teenaged author.  Check out his wild videos, from searching for sasquatch, to rapping about graduation, to surviving in the woods all alone, Jesse is always up to something, so make sure you learn all about him before reading the book!

Chapter Audio Discussions: Short recorded discussions from Jesse that cover each chapter. Not particularly a summary, but more trivial information about the writing process/motivation behind each chapter. Great compliment for reading along with the book. Uploaded to Jesse’s SoundCloud Account.

Skype Visit Request: To request a digital classroom visit author visit via Skype, contact jhaynes.book@gmail.com. A great way for students to ask questions/interact with the author. Perfect for concluding a Creepers unit. If you would like me to physically come visit your school, that is cool too! I love school visits, see my endorsements HERE.