Explosion of The Others

Happy May, my friends,

I hope all of you have been well lately! I’ve sure been busy, both with school and podcasts, plus some writing and other exciting stuff, but life has finally slowed down. At least for long enough for me to take about three deep breaths and crank out a blog post to update you fine readers on what I’m up to.

For one thing, my podcast, The Others, has been phenomenally successful. I’m blown away at how well it has done. The show can be found on iTunes right HERE and also on my sister website, www.theotherspodcast.com. (It’s nothing impressive, but it gets the job done.) Crazily enough, the show’s final episode, Episode 7, released on May 7th, and it received over 130,000 downloads in the following 24 hours. The show has totaled over 1,000,000 total downloads, and peaked in the top 20 overall on iTunes. I also made a Podcasting Page on my website (see the menu bar) to share my thoughts on the show. The Others has been nominated to win the Parsec Award for best new Sci-Fi Audio Drama, along with being nominated for the People’s Choice Podcast Award. (AKA the “Poddy”… who doesn’t wanna win a Poddy?) I’m seriously kicking around the idea of a second season, and I have a few companies who have actually reached out to me about buying season two.

More notes: Special, my upcoming chick-flick, is scheduled to release this summer. I should have a cover soon, yay! So be sure to follow me on instagram @jessehaynesauthor to get the first glimpse at it. But I will definitely put it up on my website as well, so don’t worry about missing out! Special has also been accepted as a book to be featured at the Louisiana Festival of the Book, which is a conference of around 20K book lovers where I will be speaking about both my books and podcasts. Looking forward to that in October!

Last thing. My new podcast, the Mazie Meadows Morning Show , is releasing June 1st , and I’m super stoked about it. The website is at www.themaziemeadowsmorningshow, and be sure to check out the blog.

Here is a summary: Mazie Meadows is a comedy/thriller show, broadcasting from a “small radio shack in New England.” Mazie Meadows is not the cute, little town it appears to be. It’s full of the unexpected and paranormal. From pleasant peculiarities like the unicorn that lives in the city park, to the mysterious creature that lives in the trees and has been feasting on the residents, the first season (12 episodes) of Mazie Meadows has it all.

Keep checking back for more updates, and don’t forget to go to iTunes on June 1st to “tune in” to the first broadcast!


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