New Year, New Adventures


Please, please, please forgive the cliche title of this post. It literally hurt so bad to type. I cringed some and I don’t really know why I didn’t cut it.

First, I want to begin by thanking you for making 2016 the best year of Jesse Haynes Author yet. I know, I know–I didn’t post as much. But that was because I was so busy doing other stuff! Writing books and podcasts (60,000 downloads! Are you kidding me!?)

2016 saw the premier of Cryptid Creatures. The peddling of merchandise. Seriously, people across the US were wearing black hoodies with those yellow eyes and drinking out of mugs that read “What Do You Believe?” That’s still crazy to me. Be sure to check out the show on iTunes if you haven’t already.

2016 also saw Creepers 2 recognized on the Daily Oklahoman’s best seller list, so many thanks to all of you who helped get it there by word of mouth.

But as you might have noticed by this point, we have entered another calendar year. (However, if you had yet to notice… HAPPY 2017! *confetti pop.*)

So what does 2017 mean for you? Do you have any big New Years resolutions?  (New Year’s Resolution, noun: the things you do the first week of January.) I have some big resolutions… or maybe plans would be a better word? Regardless of that, I can’t share those big announcements yet.

So on to my other BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS.  Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, (surprisingly literate) cats and dogs, and anybody else who might be giving this post a gander. Here’s some huge stuff I wanna share.



#1) Book 3 is coming.

Most of you already know this, but the biggest announcement I have is that I just signed a deal for my third book! This one is a CHICK FLICK. Crazy, I know. Girl drama, boy problems, romance, friendship, and cute football players (Yeah, some parts were hard to write. ?) Still, I am thrilled with this touching story and can’t wait to share it with you this year. Here’s the synopsis.

“Isaac Treaux is special. His special is not like most people would assume, however. He is not special in regards of talent, physical gifts, or likelihood to succeed. He is the kind of special that made kids point at him and snicker from across the hallway. Isaac was born with a mild form of Down Syndrome, and with it comes constant bullying. This is why his classmates in the small town of Bryer Springs, South Dakota are confused when a beautiful cheerleader named Amber moves in next door to him, and the two instantly strike a friendship. Although Amber is almost the complete opposite of Isaac, the friendship becomes inseparable and Isaac begins to show how special he truly can be. The two unlikely friends learn life lessons from each other in a story that teaches about kindness, friendship, and loss.”

The book, Special, will be out by next October.

#2)  Podcast 2 is coming.

After you wonderful human beings downloaded Cryptid Creatures over 60K times, I finally can share huge news: I am teaming up with the University of Tulsa, which has agreed to fund a podcast lab for me, and I will be releasing a brand new audio drama podcast early next year. It’s basically gonna be a free movie… for your ears. I cannot wait to share this project with all of you! Here is a summary:

“When globe-trekking adventure Aaron Doss’s plane crashes into the ocean, he is washed 1600pxashore on a small island in the pacific. Doss is the only survivor of the wreck, other than an old-timey cassette recorder. In an attempt to keep a level of sanity, Doss begins to record journalistic summaries of his stint on the island. It is his way to fight off the loneliness.

Except he isn’t alone. The longer Aaron is on the island, the more mysteries he unlocks. Why does he feel like he is being watched? Who are the shadowy humanoid figures he continues to see lurking in the trees? And the biggest question—what dark secrets does the island conceal?”

The Others is loosely scheduled to premier on iTunes on Feb. 17th, with a new episode every other Friday.

#3: More Projects are in the Works

As you probably have figured out by now, my creativity just can’t stop. Even when I want to turn it off sometimes, that is no use. So that being said, I am going to be working on more projects. I can’t tell you much more right now other than I will be revisiting my favorite manuscript ever, and I am already writing my third podcast series. This one will be an indefinite thing, Lord willing. I have almost 20 voice actors who will be working with me to help bring you my best audio work yet, and time spent editing and writing will hopefully create my best book so far.

So all that being said, Happy 2017, readers!

— JH

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