Upset of the Century?

Happy summer! By this time, the vast majority of you who are reading this are probably out of school for the summer (unless, of course, you are beyond the school-age and if that be the case, kudos to you). That deserves a congratulation! It takes a lot of work to make it through a school year, and that is something of which to be proud! To celebrate, buy yourself a copy of my newest book!

I was debating whether I wanted to write about sports or summer, and—true to my heart—sports cavswon out. As most of you probably know, the NBA Playoffs is reaching the home stretch. Sports-wise, this is my favorite part of the year. There’s so much drama and action you couldn’t make this stuff up. I am a Miami Heat fan, personally, but losing Hassan Whiteside in the conference semi-finals really hurt us and we lost, so now I am jumping on the Cleveland Cavaliers bandwagon, which I will be riding until it crashes.

Here’s a brief recap for all of you who haven’t been keeping up to date on the NBA drama: The Cavs and Raptors are playing for the Eastern Conference finals, and the Warriors and Thunder are playing for ththunder.1e West. This year the Warriors set the record for most wins in a season (73-9), Stephen Curry emerged as the apparent god of basketball (or at least shooting), and they seemed to be the most stacked team ever. However, as of right now (and this could change tonight), the Warriors are facing elimination. The Playoffs are best-of-7 series, and Oklahoma City got up 3-1 over Golden State. The record-breaking team is in deep trouble, playing in Oklahoma City tonight. Although the Warriors managed to squeak out a victory in Game 5, their magical season could very well end tonight.

Regardless of what happens—a crazy comeback by the Warriors from down 3-1 or the Thunder dropping them in the conference finals—there is something to be learned from this. Nobodwarriorsy thought the Thunder would win this series. On paper it seemed impossible, but still they showed up and played fearlessly. To them, this wasn’t a David vs. Goliath battle, it was a winnable series. Same as in life, sometimes we are pitted in “match-ups” with grueling odds. Don’t give up, no matter how unlikely success might seem. If you keep your head up, keep some fight in your belly, and stay determined, then anything is possible. You just have to believe, like the Thunder did (even if they somehow lose the series, which I honestly don’t expect.)

(Disclaimer: I don’t like the Thunder. I think Westbrook is a possessed ape, Durant is secretly a serial killer, and Adams was drafted straight out of the Stone Age.)

Carry on, my readers!