First Vlog!

Here it is! The very first Author Update Video, straight from YouTube. Most of them won’t be this slow (or as low in resolution, I’m still trying to figure all this stuff out), but I had a bunch of information to share with you guys – the lovely viewers. Still I hope you watch it and enjoy it! If you have any social media, sharing this clip would be awesome! Thank you for the support and for helping spread Creepers Nation!

2 Replies to “First Vlog!”

    1. Thanks a ton Mr. Parker! I realize this reply is coming extremely late, but I just saw your message! I posted another vlog today to my YouTube channel. It is not too Creepers related, but it is just kind of fun. I hope summer is going well for you!

      P.S. I sent Creepers 2 (final draft) in yesterday.

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