Dealing with the Stress

Before I begin this post, I have two huge points of interest that we need to touch on.

Numbero Uno: If you (somehow) haven’t already seen the big news, CREEPERS 2 is coming! I’m expecting a release in early 2016. Spread the news using #creepers2 or #mansworstenemy (the subtitle). My next blog post is going to have more info about the sequel.

Numero Dos: I have starting making video blogs (aka Vlogs) and posting them to my site and my YouTube account. The first might have been kinda boring, but the second may or may not be this crazy rap about graduation, complete with a dance. Stay tuned. Make sure to watch the first by clicking on my last post, “First Vlog.”

Jesse 023eNow, I want to talk about stress for a bit. Life is full of stress. Stress is unavoidable. Some people stress over completely insignificant things. Other people stress over huge things. Whichever type of person you are, stress is something that you need to at least learn to cope with.  Over the past couple months, with graduation and college enrollment approaching (not to mention AP Tests, those are terrifying. I seriously bet in Hell you just sit in extremely fiery rooms and take College Board tests for eternity), the stress has been there. Fortunately, I came up with three strategies to help me cope with the stress, and I want to share them with you.

1). Have confidence in yourself. Know that you will be able to accomplish any challenge that you face, and make sure to plan you schedule to allow time for working on the projects causing the stress.

2). Have confidence in your friends. Even when you are at what seems like the lowest, darkest points in your life, rely on your friends and family to have your back. They will always help you in a time of need, and never forget that. Even if it is something as simple as just offering advice (I have a friend that offers great advice, and that can change my mood and lift my spirits radically), the support of friends can mean the world sometimes.

3). Have faith in God. He always has your and will never give you too much to take. Deuteronomy 31:6 says “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

If you can adhere to all 3 of those points, there is literally nothing that you can’t do. You might still get stressed occasionally, but know that things will be all right! Take a deep breath and relax.

That’s all for today. The next post (June 1st) will come with a contest and some sweet prizes, so check back. Until then, dear subscribers, I wish you the best.

– Jesse

First Vlog!

Here it is! The very first Author Update Video, straight from YouTube. Most of them won’t be this slow (or as low in resolution, I’m still trying to figure all this stuff out), but I had a bunch of information to share with you guys – the lovely viewers. Still I hope you watch it and enjoy it! If you have any social media, sharing this clip would be awesome! Thank you for the support and for helping spread Creepers Nation!

Big Plans!

Guys! I have some exciting news! Some ENORMOUS news! What is this news, you ask?

Well… I’m not going to give anything away yet, but let me say this: It is going to be HUGE20150423_204937! So big that it deserves a post of its own, so for the meantime you will have to wait, sit around, and shake with anticipation.

But for the meantime, I have some pretty big news to share, and it is about  this summer: This summer there is going to be a contest, hosted by me, and the prize is going to be something that I think everybody will find to be pretty  awesome!

And now, I want to share a little bit about a pretty awesome event in my life and what I learned from it.  I recently received the State Superintendent’s Art Award, along with three other students from my school (Justin Farr – vocalist, Jericho Stratton – vocalist, and Alex Chevalier – band). We went as a group to Guthrie, Oklahoma with our principal, Mr. Parker, and one of the highlights of the night came before the awards show even began.

While exploring Guthrie, my group stopped in Bryan Berline’s Double Stop Fiddle Shop. Berline is a very accomplished bluegrass artist who20150423_162655 settled in Guthrie. We talked to him for a while, and then Mr. Parker, who is a very talented musician, asked if Berline would consider playing some music. Things quickly escalated to an awesome jam session: Berline played the fiddle, Mr. Parker the guitar, and Jericho on the bass. They played song after song and everyone sung along, and then afterwards we were given a tour of his private concert hall that has played host to several bluegrass greats, and contemporary bands like Mumford and Sons.

What I learned was that excitement and inspiration can come from the most completely unexpected places. When I was headed to Guthrie I never expected such as awesome time before the awards, but that was a completely unexpected blessing.

Later that night I also presented Joy Hofmeister, Oklahoma’s Superintendent of Education, with a copy of Creepers, which is the picture seen above.