The Struggle

Senior year is overrated. I have officially decided that is the case. It is the busiest I have ever been, and it isn’t even the school work. That’s not bad. I’m ahead in all of my classes. The real struggle is finding time to do everything that needs done OUTSIDE of the classroom. There is applying for colleges (which includes writing a countless number of essays), and then once you get accepted by those colleges you realize that you need money to fund the collegiate life (especially when your intended colleges costs $52K a year) you end up applying for every scholarship you can get your hands on. I know most seniors aren’t traveling to promote a book, but that is the highlight of my year. The point I’m trying to make is that I’m insanely busy.

The most important thing I have learned in senior year has been time management, and I think that this is something that everybody needs to learn. I always joke with my mother that she is too much of a planner (she can probably tell me what I’m going to eat for dinner rolex-submariner-116613ln-02on November 24th),  but I have recently realized how important of a life skill being a good planner is. Things have escalated to the point of me planning out my week on my iPod every Sunday, and typing a detailed schedule for each day every morning. This has very much increased my productivity, and if you aren’t already a planner, I would very much encourage you to try it too.

I know that not everybody is a high school senior, but I also know that 90% of the people I know would benefit from time managing  if they don’t already do so. So this is your challenge: upon finishing reading this post, plan out your next week. What will you be doing each day. If you are a student, do you have any assignments due? Throughout the week, keep referring back to your schedule, and see the difference. I can almost guarantee that you will be less stressed and in a better mood all week long, because I really believe that I have noticed the same change. So ladies and gentlemen, get to planning! Have a good week!

– Jesse Haynes