Welcome to the New Era of Jesse Haynes

creepers-1rDear Loyal Fans (or anyone who happened to stumble upon this site by happy accident),

This is big! Welcome to my new website, www.jessehaynesauthor.com. I am super excited to be announcing this new site because I think that it will serve as a great way to create a platform that links all my other sites together. My goal for this website is to create one go-to page if you are seeking any information about Jesse Haynes (talking about myself in third person is strange, but eh…). Juggling my time between updating Twitter, the ‘gram, my Facebook page, and my emails was becoming such a hassle that I knew something needed to change. Now I’m definitely still technologically challenged so the early days of this site might be a tad bit rocky, but hang in there because this could be great in the long run.

Just in cased you don’t know, here’s my life in a nutshell: …Born in the panhandle of Oklahoma, I moved to the town of Skiatook early in life, and throughout my schooling I developed a love for writing. Now I’m eighteen years old, and the author of numerous novel manuscripts, and one published book. It’s called Creepers (conveniently pictured to the left) and available in print or e-book format. Although it is on several different book sites, the best price online is probably on Amazon.com. But back to my life, I am a senior in high school and I’m class president, an athlete, and fortunate enough to get to travel to other schools and talk to students about writing. Being lazy to me is the most boring thing on earth, so I’m always doing something. I live with my parents and have no siblings, but I have four cats and a lovely dog that are pretty close.

Another goal for this site it for me to create a good email contact list of people interested in following updates on Creepers, the sequel, or any of my other new writing endeavors. As soon as I figure out how to create a subscription list (hopefully soon), I’d be flattered if you’d sign up and follow this blog page. I’ll keep more information on that coming as it develops, so don’t worry – I’m not gonna let you miss anything! Please feel free to explore the site, and if you would like to offer suggestions regarding ways I could improve it, please feel free. Thank you for the support.


– Jesse Haynes